Ford GT by Hennessey sets the Texas Mile record, hits 263.3 mph

Only a week after the outing of the Cadillac CTS-V testing the TxTag toll tag camera system on the new 85mph Texas toll road.

The tuning outfit Hennessey have taken their tuned GT to the Texas Mile and got there selves another record run.

This time attaining a speed of 263.3 MPH(423.7 km/h) with Sean Kennedy behind the wheel at the twice a year Texas Mile festival.

The Motec controlled twin turbo Accufab Racing engine, propelled the car to beat its previous run of 257.7 last march.

Also claiming that this 117 octane racer is road legal with such comforts of air conditioning and the stereo remain, but from the cockpit video its fair to say this is more racer than a luxury coupe.


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