Badd Ford GT by Performance Power Racing – 283.232 miles per hour (World Record)


Well it didn’t take long for another Ford GT to beat the Hennessey’s earlier 1 mile run of 263.3 MPH.

Guinness World Record – Fastest Standing Mile in a Street Car

Performance Power Racing originated in West Palm Beach , Florida by founder John Bohmer 5 years ago. Johnny had been very successful building many mechanical and industrial companies over the years. As he began his automotive journey he found that high speed racing interested him more than anything. January 2009, Johnny announced that his twin turbo Ford GT project was aimed at being the first car to break 250 mph in the standing mile. This project was in development for a little over a year at the time with most of the parts being designed and fabricated either in house or in partnership with the some of the best manufacturers in the respected fields.

March 2010 PPR set the world record in the standing mile at 253 mph, being the first car to break 250 mph, not only doing so but doing it in street trim with a/c, street tires and a daily driver design. This set the bar for mile racing, being the pioneer of high speed travel, many manufacturers inquired about testing new components and hiring PPR as a consultant for various projects in related fields.

Having a natural affinity for mile racing PPR built a Corvette implementing various parts designed in house to over come the very well known common issues with Corvettes that seem to hinder their performance in high speed racing. PPR has built the first Corvette to reach 250 mph in the standing mile breaking through all the challenges of the platform and continuing to Pioneer mile racing.

PPR originally was a high performance fabrication and upgrade facility, but as time went on and parts, projects, and designs focused on high speed and high horsepower created a unique niche that has now turned PPR into a testing facility for other manufacturers and product development alike. Working with other pioneers in the automotive world, PPR has again raised the bar in mile racing with the achievement of going 283 mph in the standing mile, which was set in October 2012.


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