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Gumpert – Super sports car manufacturer in provisional insolvency

Gumpert Apollo Insolvency

Altenburg (Germany)-based manufacturer for super sports cars, Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH,
had applied for insolvency proceedings, after expected sales volumes in the major target market China
couldn’t be realized.

Local court in Gera (Germany) appointed lawyer Mr. Görge Scheid as provisional insolvency administrator.
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Gumpert Apollo Enraged and R Racer revealed in Geneva

Gumpert unveiled two world premieres at the Geneva Motorshow first the Apollo R and the road legal Apollo Enraged special edition.

Roland Gumpert the former director of Audi Sport informed us it has been 3 years since they got the 7:11 time on the infamous norschleife and is looking forward to beating it with both cars the Road Legal Apollo Enraged and the trackday special the Apollo R.

The Gumpert Apollo R uses the Audi sourced V8 used in both the V8 R8 and the RS4 with added twin-turbo engine producing 860 HP, the power increase is a tribute to the additional boost pressure and lower air gas intake temperatures along with modifications from the manifold and air intake system which will survive hotter ambient temperatures.

The engine considering its anorexic 1100kg is finished off with a single piece of cast aluminium detailing the Gumpert Logo.

The special edition GUMPERT apollo Enraged. Limited to three vehicles worldwide will have 780 hp which is the most powerful street legal Apollo to leave the GUMPERT factory.

We expect Gumpert to be attempting another record of the Nordschleife later this year.

Gumpert Release the first picture of the Tornante Concept

Gumpert have release the first image of the italian sounding Tornante ahead of its unveiling at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Featuring an exclusive design by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggara the hand built supercar will input some style over the usual Gumpert focused design.

The picture hints at the stylish but functional front fascia along with aggressive air vents feeding air to the two intercoolers hidden underneath.

Sporting Gull wing doors and composite body panels mated to chrome molybdenum steel chassis.

And the cockpit will be made from carbon fibre which eill aid the lightness of the finished article we expect a weight of around 1150kg.

Most of the internals will be audi sourced along with the tt40e gearbox from the Apollo.

The Power unit will be the 4.2 liter biturbo v8 which is expected to be similar to the Apollo of around 690 Bhp.

The GUMPERT TORNANTE by TOURING will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

Geneva 2010 : apollo sport 2010

GUMPERT Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH is celebrating 4 world premieres at the 80th International Motor Show in Geneva.

The GUMPERT power package was  on show for the first time at the 80th Geneva Motor Show: two impressive versions of the further developed apollo sport, in flattering black and white.

The Power unit has been Optimised using new recirculation valves and improved cooling of the forced induction system improved the performance of the German Altenburg-built racing car to 750 hp/551 kW (previously 700 hp/515 kW).

This increase in performance of more than seven percent can be felt above all on curved and fast stretches of road. The power per litre therefore increases to more than 180 hp per litre of cylinder capacity which should shatter its Previous Nurburgring Record set in 2009.

The LED daytime running lights ensure clear conditions in temporary traffic.

In the course of reducing the vehicle’s drag coefficient, the front and tail now have a significantly more striking and forceful design, making the apollo seem more aggressive.

A completely re-designed flap-controlled exhaust system with two times two tail pipes produces an unmistakeable earthy sound.

In addition flaps in the tail area ensure optimised down force, something that has always been a priority of the apollo. The integration of a brand-new reinforced CIMA gearbox (apollo S1000) into the apollo sport now gives it improved reliability in long-distance races.

Further innovations in 2010: a considerably improved CD/DVD player sound system and a central flashlight for motor racing on the redesigned tail.

TopGear reported this car as Ugly in the flesh its an awe inspiring recreational weapon.

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Gumpert Nurburgring Lap Record 7:11.57

New lap record at the Nordschleife (Sport Auto Trophy)

With a lap time under 7:12 minutes on the Nürburgring Nordschleife gets Gumpert Apollo Sport, the Sport Auto Trophy, the coveted cup for the fastest street-legal vehicles with life lap on the Nordschleife. Pilot Florian Gruber to undercut the old record by 3.32 seconds.

The new record   7.11,57 minutes – Gruber drove in the mid-engined sports car  the “Apollo Sport”. Gruber stated “It certainly would have gone a little faster,” said the 26-year-old record after the round and seemed totally uneffected by this committed drive.

The Pistonspy was there and got the pictures of the Gumpert on the 13th August 2009.