Chinese Millionaire Destroys Lamborghini Gallardo #fail #silly


A disgruntled but rather silly Chinese millionaire who clearly had enough of his expensive, but problematic, Lamborghini Gallardo took out his frustration by hiring a crew to destroy the posh car in front of stunned spectators.

The cruel public execution took place Tuesday to mark World Consumer Rights Day.

The driver, who bought the second-hand car in Qingdao for 1,900,000 yuan ($284,124 Cdn), became enraged after the engine failed to start last November.

Further troubles ensued after the Qingdao Lamborghini dealership damaged the bumper and chassis while towing the car to the garage.

To top it all off, the garage failed to fix the malfunctioning engine and the dealership refused to take responsibility for any damages.

The driver reportedly tried reaching out to Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann. But after receiving no response to his appeals for help he decided to take matters into his own hands by hiring a demolition crew to dish out some public revenge on the Italian beauty.

The man said he hoped the car’s ugly death by sledgehammer would send a message to carmakers that better after-sales service in China, especially for luxury cars, is desperately needed.


3 thoughts on “Chinese Millionaire Destroys Lamborghini Gallardo #fail #silly”

  1. Nice work Mr Hen!But you could have made more of an impact (pardon the pun) if you had done it outside the “Lambo” Dealership where you bought it!

  2. a perfect case of someone with more money than sense… and fucking heart!!!

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